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Frequently Asked Questions

Below I have listed some of our most asked questions - if there is a 

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1 - What do we offer
We do have a couple different parts to our business -With that we offer event rentals specializing in rustic industrial with a touch of boho style, Corral Booth - which is our photo booth, Daisy Mae - our mobile horse trailer bar, coordination and if you'd like to custom orders a piece to keep we also offer rustic industrial furniture sales!
2 - Can I see the rentals
Yes absolutely! - we care home based in Hilmar, CA  and we would love to schedule you a meeting to view our rentals and talk details! Meeting times vary - send me a message and we can work around your schedule to get that scheduled!
3 - Do we charge a delivery?
Yes - Delivery, install and pick up is determined on what is being rented and location!
4 - Insured?
Yes - we are! We carry general liability insurance - if venue requires to be added to our policy we can do so. - Please let us know within two weeks of the Big Day!
5 - Can we pick up rentals?
It depends - smaller rentals can be picked up! However our larger rentals require delivery, install and pick up to be done by our team! 
6 - Daisy Mae?
Daisy Mae is twenty feet by ten feet - Ross is pretty darn good with a trailer and can fit Daisy Mae just about anywhere - but lets talk details! Daisy Mae does have a two tap keg-orator - but can be used for anything, at night she does light up and all we need for those to work is a regular outlet - no outlets available we have a generator! *Just a reminder Daisy Mae is a dry bar  meaning client provides the alcohol we provide the bartenders and cute bar!
7 - Corral Booth?
The Corral booth is our photo booth - that can be inside or outside, daylight or night and can be paired with any backdrop! Corral booth has led lights installed - no need to worry about having a lighted area. Corral Booth takes photos, videos, gifs, boomerangs and then sends directly to your phone! Corral Booth just needs an outlet to work - no outlets not to worry we have a generator! 
8 - How many  - - -  do you have
Our big question is how many farmhouse tables do you have - currently we have forty eight foot farmhouse tables and soon we will have round farmhouse tables available - they are on the project list! However we make all of our rustic rentals so if needing more as long as we know in advance we can make them! If it is a rental we do not make ex: tables cloths, macrame runners as long as we know in advance we can make sure we have enough!
9 - Custom rentals
Yes we do offer custom rentals - ex: if there is a certain backdrop, sign or seating chart wanted send us a message and lets talk details! We love doing custom pieces!
10 - I would like a custom piece for myself - how do I order?
Ross is an amazing fabricator and can build just about anything! Whether you'd like a barn door, tables, desk or a whole trailer re build (Daisy Mae) he can help - let's talk details and we can get back to you with a quote! See more of Ross' work on our instagram @burnercustomdesigns_fab
11 - How soon in advance should I book and how to reserve?
We are currently booking at least a year in advance - but never hesitate to ask about your date last minute - we will try out best to help! To reserve your date a contract is to be signed and at that time 50% is due and the reaming is due two weeks before the Big Day!

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